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SmartEtek® Nutrition Food Scale


"A game changer for keeping my nutrition on track!"

- Ella S.

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Precision insight into essential macros tracking

Eliminates guesswork and time-consuming calculations

Customize food data to match your diet

Limited stock - only 10 scales left at this price

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Why You'll Love SmartEtek™!

Simplify Meal Planning

Easily track your macros for healthier choices.

Instant Nutritional Insights

Get accurate data for informed decisions.

Personalized Nutrition Tracking

Tailor your intake to meet your goals.

Effortless Portion Control

Stay on track without the guesswork.


SmartEtek™ scale revolutionizes your meal prep by eliminating the need for tedious nutrient calculations, making healthy eating effortless.

No More Guesswork and Boring, Time-Consuming Calculations!

SmartEtek™ revolutionizes your approach. Our scale seamlessly syncs with your smartphone via the VeSyncFit app, providing instant, accurate data for your dietary needs. 

Simply place your food on the platform and tap the app for detailed nutritional information, saving you time and effort. Revolutionize your approach to nutrition today!

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Track 19 Essential Macros.

SmartEtek™ provides info on 19 key nutrients for smart eating choices.

Take Control of Your Nutrition Journey!

Precision Tracking

Ensures accurate nutrient
 measurement for precise dietary tracking.

Versatile Functionality

Offers 4 units and vast
 food database for diverse needs.

Time-Saving Convenience

Streamlines tracking, saving 
you your valuable time in monitoring intake.

Built to Last

Our scale is built to last, providing
reliable performance for years to come.


Struggling to Find Foods That Match Your Diet?

We got you covered! Our innovative scale integrates seamlessly with the Nutritionix database, offering access to over one million food items

Not only can you track a wide range of nutrients, but you can also customize and add your own food data to tailor your tracking experience. Take the guesswork out of nutrition and embrace a healthier lifestyle today!

Track Your Nutrients Now

Perfect for Every Lifestyle.

SmartEtek™ adapts seamlessly to any lifestyle, making it the ideal choice for all.

Keto Dieters

Easily track carb intake for
 ketosis success.

Weight Loss Seekers

Monitor calories for effective weight management.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Accurately track macros for optimized workouts.


Monitor sugar levels
 for better control.

Short on Time to Measure Every Meal?

SmartEtek™ has you covered! Simply create custom meals in the VeSyncFit app and save portion sizes for future reference. This means you can select a pre-logged meal next time, eliminating the need for time-consuming measurements

Now you don't have any excuse not to prioritize your health. Get your SmartEtek™ today and start tracking your nutrition!

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Why Choose SmartEtek™?

Discover why SmartEtek™ is the superior solution for tracking your nutrition compared to traditional methods.


Provides precise 

Rely on estimations
 and guesswork


Instantly provides
nutritional data

Require manual 
recording & calculation


Customize food data
 to match your diet

Limited to standard
food databases


Easy tracking and 
meal planning via the app

Relies on separate tools 
and manual logging

*SmartEtek™  compared to manual food logging, estimation, nutrient tables and labels.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

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Says that SmartEtek™ helped them make healthier food choices effortlessly.


Reported feeling more confident in their nutrition tracking with SmartEtek™.


Have noticed a significant improvement in their dietary habits since using SmartEtek™.

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